Heilmann: ‘Program with over 120 projects at World Design Capital Valencia 2022’

There are numerous initiatives and special projects for Valencia World Design Capital 2022 which focuses on health and well-being, design education, economy and innovation, heritage and identity, environmental sustainability and equity, inclusion and diversity. Corinna HeilmanntheProgramme Director of Valencia World Design Capital 2022, explains in an interview with Pianeta Design the leitmotif of a program full of numerous exhibitions, workshops and conferences on design in the context of the environment and sustainability.

” World Design Capital Valencia 2022 – he says – has developed a program with over 120 projects. Each of these projects correspond to one of the six strategic areas and immerse themselves in that area through design. For example, with regards to Economy and Innovation, World Design Capital Valencia 2022 gives impetus to an entire program, which is already celebrating its second edition for companies that want to innovate through design. For design education, World Design Capital Valencia 2022 has partnered with institutions on various programs to foster creativity in all educational centers and introduce more design-related content into classrooms – and so with each strategic area and its development. planning ”.

As for the pandemic and the issue of sustainability, Heilmann believes that ”the pandemic has certainly increased awareness of the importance of the circular economy, health and well-being, interior design and how we relate to our surroundings. Even our ways of working and studying have become hybrid, the development of more open spaces to enjoy with friends and family are some of the many aspects that can make our life more sustainable. Suddenly, everyone in the world is aware of how the world can change overnight and climate disaster is already a reality. This awareness has extremely accelerated the need and desire for solutions, for change and for a complete restoration of all our previous habits. And change always causes design and innovation. New materials are emerging with force, the recovery of previous techniques and a firm belief in remodeling cities and making them more liveable, sustainable and community ”.

And the projects of Valencia World Design Capital 2022 dedicated to the themes of environmental and social sustainability are not few. ” World Design Capital Valencia 2022 – Heilmann emphasizes – is working closely with all the associations and educational institutions that are working on projects in the Mediterranean region in the field of circular economy, research projects on sustainable materials and zero-kilometer businesses. Specifically, we are bringing together companies, designers and institutions through a series of projects and events throughout the year. In the medium to long term, social and environmental sustainability can be successful and have an impact if different actors from different areas work together and find themselves through the common goal of planning a better future.. Here are some examples of what World Design Capital Valencia 2022 is working on in this respect: such as Encruentro SUC (Sustainable Urban Commons), the meeting with different professionals and entities that, through design, are working on projects that seek sustainability and low environmental impact through street furniture for open spaces in La Marina in Valencia

And still ” the new “Pid Program for innovation through design“, for all companies and organizations wishing to activate innovation and improvements through conscious decision-making methodologies, demonstrating that design offers methods and ways of working that can prove to be very useful”.

Are expected seven Signature Events and many international projects, and so far ” 24 companies have been involved, but also 32 educational and other areas of influence, 9 cultural bodies and over 80 creative supporters such as designers and creative studios ”. The response of the designers to the presence in Valencia was not long in coming. ” In May and September 2020 we launched a call for projects and more than 400 were submitted. A huge success and also a sign of how committed the Valencian designers are ”.

Overall, what everyone who visits will find in the Valencia design scene ” is a huge commitment to the community. Not only by talking with designers, but also with institutions, companies, schools and universities you can find a special energy that vibrates in the city, new places open almost every month. Just take a look at the Valencia Design Map, launched by World Design Capital Valencia 2022 together with Visitvalencia and the creative agency Districte, which perfectly reflects the momentum that, district by district, can be felt throughout the city. The map will allow people to explore the Valencia design scene and see for themselves. ”