Hello, an event to remember Lucio Dalla in Bologna on March 2: the program

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Bologna presents the DANCER FROMthe recognition assigned to the artists awarded by CIAO – LUCIO DALLA REVIEW, for innovative forms of music and creativityBefore edition of the review dedicated to Lucio Dalla and inspired by her extraordinary vision. They were also announced at the same time the nominations of DANCER FROM for the categories “ARTIST”, “SONG”, “PRODUCER/TALENT SCOUT”, “SOUNDTRACK” and “PROJECT” and the finalists of the contest dedicated to emerging artists (21 selected for the “SONG” category and 10 selected for the “PRODUCER” category). THE awards, which will be awarded annually, will be conferred on March 2 at the Teatro Celebrations in BOLOGNAevening presented by Dario Ballantini with One thousand and organized on the occasion of Lucio Dalla’s 80th birthday. A show full of music, new ideas and new projects, which will become the fixed appointment with musical innovation in Bologna. The awarded artists will perform live or present their project to the Teatro Celebrations audience.

the recognition of DANCER FROM it will be awarded to artists and works that are helping to innovate the Italian music scene by embodying and interpreting the visionary, experimental but also pop approach that has guided Lucio Dalla’s long career. Designed by the artist Mauro Balletti and inspired by the lyrics of the song Dance dance dancerThe DANCER FROM it represents a figure in a dance position, resting “on a table between two mountains”. It symbolizes the challenges, pitfalls and difficulties that every new artist faces at the beginning of his journey in the complicated attempt to free his uniqueness from the public.

Based on the choices made by a qualified jury, composed of Massimo Bonelli (President of the jury and Artistic Director of the review), Antonio Filippelli (Music Producer and Artistic Director), Charles Shepherd (artistic director and radio host), Giovanni Truppi (songwriter), Julia Cavaliere (journalist and music critic), Marco Missiroli (writer), Maria Vittoria Baravelli (art curator and art sharer), Nina Selvini (CEO of Astarte), Sarah Powerful (Artistic director of Numero Uno), Silvia Danielli (co-director of Billboard Italia) e Valerio Baroncini (Deputy Director QN il Resto del Carlino), these the nominations presented for the assignment of the “Dancers From 2023” for the categoriesartist”, “song”, “producer/talent scout”, “soundtrack” And “project” (5 for each category).

Category Artist



Giuse The Lizia,

Mara Sattei,

Nu Genea

Category Canzone

“Andrea” by Bresh,

“I will burn in the pastures” by Bar Adriana,

“The Stones Don’t Fly” by Luchè,

“Breath” by Emma Nolde,

“Tienatè” by Nu Genea

Category Producer/talent scout

OK George,


Marcello Balestra,


Category soundtrackto

“Latin America” by Verdena,

“Crazy Things” by Colapesce Dimartino,

“The Lying Life of Adults” by Enzo Avitabile,

“The Shadow of the Day” by Andrea Laszlo De Simone,

“Drought” by Franco Piersantthe.

Category project
“Flop Tour” Of Psalm,

Post Fog,

“Starfish” new version (with virtual duet by Lucio Dalla) by Cesare Cremonini,

“Tango” concept video-song by Tananai,

Zois for Roberto Roversi (Ep and book “Etilene Per Tutti”).


Hello – Review Lucio Dalla it also promotes a contest dedicated to the search for new artists who have not yet come to the attention of the general public. The competition, which takes the name of “HELLO Contest. Tomorrow’s music”, therefore represents an important showcase for new artists and, annually, will award two winners: one for the category “song” and one for the category “producer”.

Song category

2UE, Dada, Daemia, Dalila Spagnolo, Edgar Allan Pop, FURIA, Gobbi, Jacopo Planet, Joėlle, Kid Gamma, Lumen, Marcio, Martina Beltrami, MIGLIO, MIRA, Neno, NERVI, Rame, SETE, SWEWA, Te quiero Euridice.

Category producer

Alessandro Di Dio Masa, Davide Alberto De Blasio, Francesco Faggi, FranzK, Giuseppe Scrima, Kilian, The Right Songs, Limbrunire, SPRING, OBI.

During the evening, the QN Il Resto del Carlino Award, dedicated to local/Bolognese talent, will also be awarded.

Tickets for the 1st edition of “Ciao – Rassegna Lucio Dalla” are available in presale on Vivaticket.it and at the Teatro Celebrations box office.

The event, conceived by Pressing Line and iCompany and created by the latter with the artistic direction of Massimo Bonelli, is promoted by the Lucio Dalla Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and supported by the Banca di Bologna. Media Partner of “Hello – Review Lucio Dalla”: QN Quotidiano Nazionale (il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno, Luce!).