Hellraiser 2022, Jamie Clayton’s transformation impresses. VIDEO

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A short video has been published online that – in a spectacular, speeded up and deliberately frenetic way – retraces four hours of make-up art and prosthetics, a very long and very demanding session to which actress Jamie Clayton had to undergo to transform herself. in the new version of Hellraiser.

Let’s talk about the movie entitled Hellraiser 2022, a Hulu Original film currently available on Hulu and coming soon also in Italy, on Disney + (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick).

In a clip of only 45 seconds the timelapse of the four hours of make-up is shown (so to speak “trick”: watch the video at the bottom of this article to believe it…) accompanied by the commentary of the leading actress.

The film is a Hulu Original produced with the collaboration of the original author of the saga, Clive Barker.

At the bottom of this article you can watch the spectacular video showing Jamie Clayton’s transformation into Pinhead, for Hellraiser 2022.

The film

Hellraiser 2022 is the highly anticipated reboot of one of the longest-running horror sagas in history. After 35 years from the first chapter, Pinhead returns, but this time in her role there will be a woman. Jamie Clayton is a transgender woman and trans people rights activist.

This eleventh chapter already seems to have convinced critics: arrived on October 7 in the United States on the Hulu platform, the new act of the horror epic has the merit of having reinvented the saga without betraying its spirit.

The cast is led by Jamie Clayton, flanked on the set by Odessa A’zion, Adam Faison, Drew Starkey, Brandon Flynn and Aoife Hinds.
The film tells the story of a young woman dominated by addictions who will come into possession of a three-dimensional puzzle in the shape of a cube, a very ancient object. The woman does not know that the puzzle has the function of evoking the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings who come from other dimensions.
Also in this new chapter the Cenobites are terrible and highly fearful. They don’t even have a shred of humanity and they pursue a single goal: the pursuit of extreme pleasure. In seeking the latter, they have lost the conception of the difference between the most complete enjoyment and the most excruciating pain.
Yet this time, as for the other films in the franchise, it will be enough to open the Lemarchand cube to release the worst nightmares ever, paving the way for torture and rivers of blood.

However, this is not a film in which all the blood and fear are an end in themselves: Hellraiser 2022 it is also an interesting metaphor for addictions, a dystopia that shows how slavery to something can transform one into terrible and inhuman beings, ready to do anything to satisfy one’s palate as an addict.

The reboot project

This reboot has been talked about since 2019, however the project officially started only after the involvement of David Bruckner (director) and Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (as regards the script).
The aforementioned screenwriters worked on the subject conceived by David S. Goyer (the one to whom we owe, among others, the relaunch of an icon with Batman Begins). “We wanted to pay homage to the original story,” said Bruckner, “but at the same time, Clive Barker’s material was so vast that we could expand the world he created without betraying its theme and spirit.”

After so many sequels in which Pinhead even ended up in space, the time has come to give the saga a good refresh, also including for the first time in the history of the horror franchise a female protagonist.

Clive Baker is executive producer on the film

The creator of Hellraiser, the legendary Clive Baker, in recent years had moved away from the big screen, disinterested in the cinematic events of his creature. In 2015 he printed a sequel on paper to the original novel titled Blood gospels. It is precisely this book that has created the conditions for the new film, of which Clive Barker is executive producer.

Pinhead’s inventor has stated that the new film by Hellraiser he liked it a lot. And the press also liked him very much, collecting countless enthusiastic reviews overseas.
The famous review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows a flattering score: as many as 82% of the analyzes released so far praise the film.

Pinhead woman convinces everyone (starting with Doug Bradley, the original Pinhead)

The most discussed aspect before the release, namely the fact that the character of Pinhead was for the first time embodied by a woman, no longer arouses a “scandal” among the purists of this horror epic. The casting of actress Jaimie Clayton proved to be a choice that experts and those who have already seen the film consider excellent.

The journalist ofHollywood Reporter Frank Scheck applauded the performance of the actress seen in Sense8underlining how Clayton managed to elevate a story that was anchoring on trite clichés.
But the first in chronological order to have applauded the casting choice was the historic Pinhead interpreter, Doug Bradley (the actor who played him in eight films).
“It looks like a female Pinhead is in the pipeline,” Bradley said before the film began production. “I’m not familiar with Jamie’s recent work, but a few years ago there was a sci-fi series on Netflix called Sense8, of which I was a fan. Jamie was there too and I can say I really enjoyed playing him, ”added Doug Bradley.

Writing an actress and not an actor was also a way to avoid confronting the shadow of a giant, the great actor Doug Bradley. “We have always known that [Pinhead donna] made sense given the history of the franchise, ”explained director David Bruckner. “And then for us it was a way not to imitate Bradley’s incredible and iconic interpretation,” he added.

Jamie Clayton and his battle against trans characters played by cisgender actors

Transgender actress Jamie Clayton in 2018 heavily criticized Scarlett Johansson’s choice to play a transsexual character in Rupert Sanders’ film, Rub & Tug.

Clayton argued sharply about that casting, complaining that hiring cisgender people (people whose gender identity matches gender and biological sex at birth) to play trans characters takes jobs away from genuinely transgender people.
Her grievances sparked a chorus of criticism from the LGTB community, resulting in Scarlett Johansson eventually giving up that role.

However, Rupert Sanders’ film did not therefore opt for a transgender actress to play the part abandoned by Scarlett Johansson: the production of the film was canceled.

Below you can watch the spectacular video showing Jamie Clayton’s transformation into Pinhead for Hellraiser 2022.