Help out, arm wrestling over trust: M5S puts its foot down on Superbonus

New meeting at 3 pm Despite the opposition of the other political forces, Palazzo Chigi would be oriented towards meeting the 5 Stars

AND’ arm wrestling over trust in aid. Today there was a meeting of the group leaders of Montecitorio where they registered distant positions between the various political forces. So much so as to induce the government to adjourn the meeting at 15, to decide whether or not to ask the question of trust on the provision with 23 billion in aid for families and businesses. The M5S, some sources report, would have put its foot down to avoid trust, forcefully asking for a rule on the superbonus that relieves the last holder of the credit from responsibilitywith the aim of oiling a mechanism that appears to have jammed. Pd and Leu ask that, in case of lack of trust, the government gives guarantees on some sensitive issues contained in the decree.

There Lega pushes for trust“it would be a serious precedent not to set it, because with us certain attentions have never been there, so a political problem would open up”, the reasoning given to the Minister with Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà, called to manage a difficult game , all the more by wearing the M5S ‘jacket’.

But there are those, in the Roman palaces, are ready to bet that the League would be willing to turn a blind eye to trust in the aid just to see the text slip on the ius scholae, a reference which would however be inadmissible for the dem and leu. A complex and symptomatic situation of the labor that the government is experiencing, struggling with the fibrillation of the majority forces. All the more so on the eve of the clarifying meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and M5S leader Giuseppe Conte.

The question has yet to be resolved, but for now, at Palazzo Chigi, they would be oriented to meet the request of the M5S, despite the opposition of the other political forcesAnd. The hope, in the government, is that the discussion will be rapid, “obviously ensuring that the text is approved on time”, the deadline is July 16, “also because there are so many people waiting for the resources allocated by the decree”. The other groups, however, are ready to do battle, in particular Lega, Fi and Ipf, the new groups led by Luigi Di Maio.