Henry: “Wish death to my family, I hope you find peace in your little life”

The outburst of the French footballer from Verona after the many criticisms and insults received on social media after missing the penalty kick in the final against Inter

“To all the people who think they know football better than anyone else and who insult my family by wishing them dead, I hope you can find peace one day in your little life.” The French footballer from Verona wrote it Thomas Henry on social media after the many criticisms and insults always received on social media after missing the late penalty kick against Inter, among other things having scored the momentary equalizer in the match won 2-1 by the Nerazzurri.

“Mistakes are part of sport and therefore I will continue to work to be better than before. One day you win, one day you lose, one day you score, one day you make mistakes, this is my life as a footballer and I am proud to have been able to score my second career goal in this San Siro stadium after a ligament rupture and after starting to play football at the age of 15 in the last French division. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Always with your head held high, always ahead, always higher,” added Henry.