Her beauty has not escaped, but what was Oriana Marzoli like before her success? Check out the shot from years ago

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Oriana Marzoli’s beauty has absolutely not gone unnoticed, but do you know how she was before her success on TV? Here she is in this shot.

She was among the latest new entries in the GF Vip house, and yet Oriana Marzoli she was among the last to enter who immediately made everyone agree. It must have been due to her beautiful peperino character or her ease, the fact of her is that the young Venezuelan easily made herself noticed. And Antonino Spinalbese really confirms it!

Oriana Marzoli. Credits: Canva

If her character has absolutely not gone unnoticed in the house of the GF Vip, her beauty has not been outdone either. Originally from Caracas but a citizen of Madrid, young Marzoli has largely caught eyes on herself for her charm and quirkiness. Are you curious, however, to know what she was like before the success? Despite her very young age, Oriana said that she had participated in several successful Spanish television programs and that she had become very famous, but what was she like before all this?

Sifting through her Instagram channel, on which she is very loved, we tracked down one of her shots from the past. It was exactly 2014 and Oriana was in Piazza Navona smiling: how has it changed, however, since then? Let’s see together how it was Oriana Marzoli before success.

How was Oriana Marzoli before the success? This picture will leave you speechless

As well as her ex boyfriend, too Oriana Marzoli she is not absolutely unknown to the world of TV, although she has concentrated more on Spanish programs, and to social networks. In addition to being an established Madrid influencer, in fact, the young thirty-year-old is also an active participant in reality shows in her country and a face loved by all. In short, the current competitor of GF Vip has all the credentials to continue riding the crest of the wave, don’t you think?

If we just recently showed you an old shot of Elodie and showed you her transformation over the years, now we can’t help but tell you about Oriana. Currently in the house of the GF Vip, the Venezuelan has proved to be a real volcano. And we seriously doubt that her journey to Cinecittà could go unnoticed. Waiting to find out how it will end up and, above all, if the passion with Antonino Spinalbese will break out or not, are you curious to know how it has changed over the years?

Today Oriana Marzoli she is definitely beautiful, but how was it Before of success on TV? Take a look at this shot from the past with us, we assure you that you will be truly speechless.

oriana marzoli before
Oriana Instagram. Credits: Canva

A little less than 10 years have passed since this shot, yet it is clearly seen that Oriana has not changed at all over the years. Just twenty years old at the time, Marzoli continues to boast of an enviable beauty. Do you agree?