Her beauty hasn’t been scratched by time at all, but what was she like when she was very young? Here it is in 1994: fantastic!

To date, Valeria Marini boasts a beauty that hasn’t been scratched by the times, but what was she like when she was very young? Here it is in 1994: impressive!

Hard to believe, but that’s it: Valeria Marini is a new competitor of the GF Vip. Years after her first and second participation in the Canale 5 reality show, the splendid showgirl has once again entered the most spied house in Italy for her third time. A truly unbeatable record, no doubt about it!

What was Valeria Marini like when she was very young? Here she is. Photo Source: Youtube

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Currently, one of the contestants of the GF Vip paired with Giacomo Urtis, Valeria Marini is one of the most loved faces of Italian television. And it is clear, not only for its beauty, but also – and above all we would dare to say – for its incredible skill, simplicity and spontaneity. Because, let’s face it, the key to Marini’s success is precisely this: the naturalness and ease it shows in everything it does! Beloved face of the small screen, she began to take her first steps in the entertainment world when she was really young. First as a model and, later, as a reference point for many programs, Valeria Marini boasts of an impressive career. Here, but you remember how it was from very young?

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Valeria Marini when she was very young, do you remember how she was? Here it is in 1994: impressive!

Valeria Marini’s career in the entertainment world began many years ago. After making her debut as a model in 1992, the gorgeous showgirl takes part in a famous TV show. And Pier Francesco Pingitore is noticed. Which, not only starts her career as an actress, but also makes her one of the most loved faces of the famous Bagaglino. From that moment on, Marini’s career literally took off. Actress and showgirl, the splendid Sardinian becomes one of the most loved faces of Italian television.

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When she started taking her first steps, therefore, she was really very young, Valeria Marini. Here, but are you curious to see it as it was? We managed to track down a video that shows it to us in 1994, at the time of the Rai Uno program ‘Banana peels’. Take a look here:

Valeria Marini very young
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, 27 years may have passed, but Valeria Marini is always splendid. Do you agree?