Her husband’s lover would be a woman who works in the same television environment as her

She revealed that her husband had a mistress: it would be a woman who works in the same television environment as her, what happened.

There are those who would forgive her husband’s betrayal and those who, on the other hand, put an end to her marriage. This is what the protagonist of our article, as well as beloved presenter, did in recent months. To tell everything that happened to her, it was the direct of her interested in her travel companions.

Identity lover husband. Credits: Instagram

After Eleonoire Ferruzzi’s ‘shock’ revelation about Luca Salatino, another competitor of the GF Vip could not help but tell her story to her travel companions, revealing to them the reason for the end of her marriage. Married in 2012, the TV presenter lived a wonderful story until a few years ago when she, after discovering a betrayal by her husband, she chose to say goodbye to him forever. A totally unexpected story, the one to which she let herself go the ‘vippona’, which she left everyone speechless. Totally and equally incredible, however, was also the revelation on the identity of the alleged lover of her husband.

Who would be her husband’s lover: shocking revelation to GF Vip, what happened

The first week inside the GF Vip house was a week of knowledge, but also of shocking confessions. After the one of Ginevra Lamborghini on her relationship with Elettra, another one arrives that really puts the chills. The protagonist of her is Patrizia Rossetti, who a few hours after entering her house revealed the reason for the end of her marriage. It would seem that the presenter has decided to end her love affair with her husband after a series of betrayals. “Until four / five months ago he came back on his knees to me, trying to make me change my mind. I think she knows it too “, he explained to all his traveling companions.

It seemed to be one of those loves that happen to you only once in your life, but instead for Patrizia Rossetti it was not like that at all. In a 2011 episode of Afternoon Five, the beloved TV presenter revealed how happy she was to have met her partner. Now, years after her wedding, she has told her GF Vip companions about the end of her marriage.

The question everyone is asking now is: who is your husband’s lover? According to what Samantha De Grenet reported in Afternoon Five, it would seem that she is a woman who works in the same working environment as her. “He said that he caught him in the act with this woman who seems to work within Mediaset”, he explained on live TV. According to the reported story, therefore, the alleged lover of Rossetti’s ex-husband is a woman who does not belong to the world of entertainment, but who works for the famous company of Cologno Monzese.

lover husband
Afternoon Five. Credits: Mediaset Play

What would you have done if you had been in Patrizia’s place?