Her sympathy won over the audience of GF 6: today you would never imagine who she is engaged to

Her sympathy has by no means gone unnoticed by Gf 6, but do you know who she is engaged to today? You would never imagine it.

During these sixteen edition of the GF ‘nip’ it must be admitted that its very affectionate public has had the opportunity to meet many competitors, yet each has been able to conquer a place in the hearts of all of us. Who for his sympathy, who for his beauty and who for his character, each gieffino of these years continues to be remembered with immense affection.

She attended GF 6, but do you know who she is engaged to now? You would never guess. Photo Source: Youtube

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If we were to draw up a ranking of all those competitors who have left a mark in the history of the GF and who have been able to win the attention of all its audience, we cannot help but remember her. She was really young when she took part in the Canale 5 reality show during its sixth season, yet her hype was really over the top. What do we know about her now, though? Years have passed since your participation in the program, but how has your life changed today? We’ll take care of telling you everything. We anticipate: you would never guess who he is with fiancée today the competitor of GF 6.

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She was a contestant in GF 6, do you know who she is engaged to now? You would never imagine it

The Cinecittà house had an exceptional protagonist during its sixth edition. We are talking about her: Man Lo. Joined the GF 6, the very nice 26-year-old student was able to immediately win attention to herself. Sure, she wasn’t the winner of that year, that’s true, but her success was equally resounding. What do we know about her now? From what we learn from her Instagram channel, it would seem that Man Lo has become a splendid model and a splendid influencer.

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Her Instagram channel, on which she is very active and very popular, boasts a truly impressive number of photographs. It is precisely for this reason that, sifting through it well, we were able to track down some shots together with his better half. Do you know who she is engaged to? Take a look here:

GF 6 girlfriend
Photo Source: Instagram

You have seen just right! Man It is fiancée with Stefano Codegoni, as well as father of the very young Sophie, current competitor of the GF Vip and former tronista of Men and Women.