Her transformation to Lives on the Edge shocked, but how is Ashley doing today? Knowing this will leave you speechless

With her transformation Ashley has shocked the audience of Lives on the Limit, but how are you today? Knowing this will really leave you speechless.

It is impossible not to remember the story of Ashey Reyes, told during the fifth season of Lives to the Limit. Protagonist of a truly shocking transformation, the very young thirty-year-old has hit her goal very well. Let’s rewind the tape for a moment and, before we find out what we know about him today, let’s try to understand what happened and what caused his obesity.

What happened to Ashley Reyes today after Lives on the Limit? On the program, she shocked everyone. Credits: Discovery

There are so many dramatic stories that have been told during these ten editions of Vite al Limite. How can we forget, for example, that of Joyce Del Viscovo or even Ashley Dunn. This one we are about to tell you, however, has as its protagonist the very young Ashley Taylor and a truly incredible drama. At the Houston clinic, Reyes showed up weighing more – albeit slightly – than 300 kg, but with an incredible desire to get back in shape. What happened? Unfortunately, her obsession with food began just over 20 years after she was a victim of sexual assault.

What happened to Ashley Reyes today after Lives on the Limit?

The desire for rebirth of Ashley Reyes it was so excessive that, during the past year to Lives on the Limit, she managed to lose more than 100 kg. Not only before the surgery, in fact, the thirty-year-old managed to lose many kilos, easily having the pass for the gastric bypass operation, but she too recorded excellent results after her, making Dr. Nowzaradan proud. In short, a path that will hardly be forgotten. But what everyone is asking now is: what happened to Ashley after Lives on the Edge? What do we know about you today?

If you too are curious to know a little more about Ashley Reyes, unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of news to give you. After expressing her joy immediately after the surgery, the very young girl has completely disappeared from the radar, so much so that she does not even appear on social media. To date, therefore, it is not known whether she has continued to follow a healthy diet or not. Although we, as well as you, really hope so.

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Credits: Discovery

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