Hera Group presents NexMeter, the gas meter that goes green

The Hera group presented NexMeter, the smart and green gas meter, at the Enlit Europe fair in Milan, the first of its kind internationally for safety features. NexMeter is the smart gas meter 4.0 of the multiutility characterized by cutting-edge technologies and safety functions also in terms of reduction of gas dispersions into the atmosphere. It will be made with recycled plastic and is already usable for the distribution of hydrogen in the network (up to a maximum of 20% compatibility), with a field trial expected in the coming months.

This evolved model of the meter therefore represents a concrete example ofcommitment of the Hera Group to the energy transition to achieve carbon neutrality, focusing on green gases, such as biomethane, hydrogen and green syngas, and contributing to the fight against climate change. Furthermore, it is the result of the experience and know-how of the multiutility in the management of the gas distribution service, combined with continuous investments in innovation, research and development, and sees the reconfirmation of the collaboration with excellent partners: Panasonic, a leading Japanese multinational worldwide in the production of electronic products and components, and Pietro Fiorentini, an Italian market leader in the production of products and services for the entire natural gas supply chain.

NexMeter is ready to be used in the hydrogen distribution network. It has in fact obtained the “stamp” of compatibility for green gas mixtures, thanks to the metrological certification carried out by Tifernogas, a notified body according to the relevant Directives (2014/32 / EU MI-002 and MI-008), and ” analysis of a constructive nature on the compatibility of materials with the blending of hydrogen and methane, carried out by Rina, an engineering and consulting, inspection, guarantee and quality control company at an international level in the energy sector.

Numerous benefits for the environment and for the wallet determined by the advanced functions of NexMeter: the elimination of losses, in fact, reduces the dispersion of methane, in turn highly polluting, while the entire process of optimizing the management of the gas network has a positive effect on the efficiency and emissions of the user appliances, starting with the boilers. The ability to intercept and report even the smallest gas leaks to users helps to contain costs in the bill. But that’s not all: the new NexMeter model will be the first meter on the market with most of the components in recycled plastic, up to exceed 68%.

To achieve this result, the Hera Group, which has always been committed to the circular economy and regeneration of resources, has been able to count on the skills of its subsidiary Aliplast, a leader in the recycling and regeneration of plastics, with plants in Italy and abroad. , and an annual output of approximately 100,000 tons of recycled plastic. The manuals are also green and smart, with the insertion of a QR code on the counter instead of the classic instruction manual to avoid the consumption of paper, and the packaging, in recycled cardboard.

The next the goal is to reach 300,000 NexMeter meters installed by 2023, of which 200,000 in recycled plastic. The areas concerned are those served by the distribution companies of the Hera Group, starting with the areas classified as at risk of seismic activity or in which earthquake phenomena have recently occurred, such as Emilia-Romagna and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.