Here comes ‘Pickleball Mania’, the first podcast on the ‘different twin’ of padel

‘Pickleball Mania’ is out, the first podcast in Italy on the different twin sport of padel. It was created by the Podmedia agency for Decathlon Italia. The pickleball cyclone comes from the United States: in the US it is the sport of the moment and there are already those who are ready to bet that this slow-motion tennis will be as incredibly successful as padel in Italy too. Pickleball is described as a sport that is fun, affordable, easy to learn, and suitable for players of all ages. The podcast reconstructs the history of this discipline, now represented by sports federations and practiced by well-known personalities such as Bill Gates and Lebron James. In the USA – it is said in the podcast – pickleball is taught in schools and the professional matches are broadcast live on TV with exciting commentary. In America, more and more fields are appearing in parks, schools, condominiums, private villas and sports clubs, this is explained by quoting a recent analysis by Bloomberg according to which supply is struggling to keep up with demand and the number of players is multiplying and practitioners.

”I deal with the development of the market and I am convinced that also in Italy it will have a similar success to the one it had in the States – says the head of institutional relations of Decathlon Italia, Fulvio Matteoni -. Pickleball brings with it the values ​​of simplicity, inclusion and fun so I imagine an even faster spread than that of padel. In recent months this sport has become part of the Italian tennis and padel federation and this will only accelerate the development process in Italy, starting from the training program for federal instructors and the introduction of the discipline in middle schools”.

Meanwhile, on Saturday and Sunday in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, in the village of the Giro d’Italia, enthusiasts and onlookers will be able to meet the rackets to play pickleball. The event, organized by Asd Lazio Pickleball, is sponsored by the Municipality of Rome and is organized with the support of Decathlon Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Original Pickleball. ‘Pickleball Mania’ podcast is on all listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict and Podchaser.