Here comes “Riders Republic”: when extreme sports become videogames

Riders Republic, a new production from Ubisoft, allows all sports fans to experience, pad in hand, the thrill of extreme sports. Michela Moioli, snowboard cross gold medal at PyeongChang 2018, is well aware of this and is preparing hard for the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games both on the track and with the console. With Riders Republic, in fact, even professional athletes are able to keep their minds and their competitive streak trained in moments of rest. This is thanks to the refined control system developed by the developers and the general level of detail, from the faithful reproduction of the landscapes to the strong sense of adventure that the game is able to return.

The sharing

In Riders Republic the key word is sharing. The purest gameplay experience consists of meeting other players, making friends, teaming up together and throwing your head down into the fray to prove you’re the best. The game modes are different, including challenges with evolutions, 6v6 arenas and the possibility of climbing the world rankings. The main one is the Mass Race, where up to 50 players can compete for the first place at the same time. A race full of adrenaline and pure competition, which will decide who has what it takes to be a champion.