Here comes ‘Sintesi’, a training session in 30 minutes with a single machine

Akuis technology brought to Italy by Fit And Go: in two square meters it allows you to perform more than 300 different exercises in half the time usually taken. DG Campagnano: “The goal is to bring innovation to the world of fitness”

Three hundred types of exercises with a single machine to concentrate a training session in just 30 minutes that would take over an hour. This is the promise of Synthesis, a new technology that from the clinic, where it is used in rehabilitation, lands in the gyms. The goal is to obtain the maximum result in the shortest possible time, passing from a classic training to a functional one based on individual needs. The first in Italy to introduce this new technology is Fit And Go, fast fitness company. This time the choice fell on Synthesisa technology developed by Akuis. Its effectiveness in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries has been demonstrated in a study published in the journal ‘Technology and Disability’.

In the light of the increasingly numerous evidence according to which short but intense exercise is more effective than a longer but moderate one, Sintesi has therefore become the first all-in-one digital gym: a single digital machine capable of following the natural movements of the human body to any type of exercise in just two square meters. Composed by two wall-mounted tubular modules that can also be positioned horizontally with the platform, allows you to make the most of the space to perform more than 300 different types of exercises, which otherwise would require at least a dozen gym equipment. Sintesi’s technology is in fact capable of reproducing the effectiveness of multiple classic equipment, such as free weights, elastic bands and rowing machines, and can also simulate vibrating, isokinetic machines and even the unpredictable loads of many sports. Furthermore, thanks to an appthe personal trainer can monitor movement execution in real time in each training phase.

“Fit And Go has always been about bringing innovation to the world of fitness,” he said Mark Campagnanofounder and general manager of Fit And Go – and the partnership with Akuis allows us to introduce in our centers a new high-tech tool, completely unpublished in Italy, which after the numerous changes brought about by Fit And Go in fast fitness, represents a new revolutionary piece in the workout”. Currently there are eight Fit And Go centers equipped with Sintesi, including two on Rome. “With Sintesi the way of thinking about a workout totally changes, the load profiles that the machine simulates allow you to bring a one-hour session to a half-hour duration with more effective results and the objectives become, with perseverance, much easier to reach,” he explains Alessandro Englaroaerospace engineer founder of Akuis.