Here is SkyTg24 on TikTok: news, columns and live are coming

Sky Tg24 also arrives on TikTok: @skytg24. It is the first Italian all-news channel to open a profile on the entertainment platform which has 150 million active users per month in Europe.

The hallmarks of Sky Tg24, reliability and 360-degree information, lend themselves to a new fast and dynamic 100% video language.

The profile will be animated every day by new contents, with a series of formats that reflect the channel’s identity, on which a team of SkyTg24 journalists will work, ready to work with a new language, suitable for the platform, maintaining credibility, reliability, rigor .

  • there press review to tell and deepen the news of the day through the pages of the newspapers;
  • deep in the news“long format” videos to go beyond breaking news and explore current events;
  • behind the scenes, we bring the Tiktok community behind the cameras to tell how an all news news works;
  • fact checking, a column to fight disinformation and explain what tools are available to everyone to identify fake news;
  • economy pillsto explain economic news in simple words;
  • climate crisisto learn how to reduce our environmental impact and explain the changes the Earth is facing;
  • Sky Replayspills of exclusive interviews, strong images and reports broadcast on Sky TG24, selected for the TikTok community;
  • Sky TG24 Livethe live broadcasts in the field created by the channel’s correspondents to tell the news live, answering questions from the community.

For all updates here is the link to our TikTok profile.