Here is winter, bad weather with heavy rains and low temperatures: since when, the map

The drop in temperatures will be slow but widespread

Here is winter. From Sunday 15 January, the experts of the website explain, we will go from a long period in the company of the African anticyclone with highs of up to 20°C in the South, and even 15°C in the Po Valley, to a winter phase with very heavy rains and a gradual drop in temperatures.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, confirms that the drop in temperatures will be slow but widespread, while the winter-style bad weather, with lots of rain on the Tyrrhenian side and in the South, will come alive quickly.

From Sunday afternoon it will snow in the Alps above 700-900 metres, especially in the Aosta Valley and then in the evening also in the Triveneto.

The new week will finally see some ‘convinced’ flakes also on the northern and central Apennines above 700 metres, from Tuesday with a significant worsening of the cold, snow will be possible up to 300 meters in the North and above 500-600 meters also in the Center.

From mid-week the cold air will also gradually spread towards the South with the first snowfalls at hilly altitudes on Thursday and Friday when the white lady could be the protagonist up to the plains of Lower Piedmont, Lower Lombardy, Emilia and also between Liguria and Tuscany .

At the moment Thursday and Friday seem to be the coldest and snowiest days but the time distance is still wide and the general picture will be monitored.

Before reaching this winter phase we will have some rainfall in the next few hours on the mid-Adriatic and southern regions followed by an improvement, while the weather will be pleasant elsewhere. Rain is expected on Sunday in the morning in Liguria, Tuscany and the Aosta Valley, then moving eastwards.

In conclusion, and in summary, for the new winter week the following are forecast: gradual drop in temperatures (initially not very marked), torrential rains on the Tyrrhenian side in particular in the Centre-South, snow down to the plains possible on Tuesday 17 in the north, snow in low quotas between Thursday and Friday also on part of the plants with intensification of the frost throughout the boot.


Saturday 14: in the North, partly cloudy skies with possible fog. In the middle: prevailing good weather, clouds towards Tuscany in the evening. In the south: variable with some rain especially in Puglia and Calabria.

Sunday 15th: in the North, worse in the evening in the Northeast. In the centre: rainfall from upper Tuscany towards the rest of the region. In the south: partly cloudy and worsening skies.

Monday 16: in the North, bad weather with snow in the Alps. In the centre: bad weather with snow in the Apennines. In the South: rains especially in Campania and Calabria, variable elsewhere and mild.

Trend: during the new week the real Italian Winter arrives from North to South.