Here she was 5 years old, today she is 72 and she is the absolute protagonist on TV: do you recognize her?

Do you recognize this little girl? At the time of this shot she was just five years old. She has grown up today, she is very famous and is always on TV. Take a good look at her, doesn’t that look of hers mean anything to you?

Take a good look at this photo, don’t you recognize it? Yet it is gaze it has remained identical, despite the fact that the shot dates back to several decades ago. This photograph, in fact, was taken way back in 1955, when our protagonist was just five years. She has grown up today, she is 72 and is one of the most famous characters in the Italian television. You really haven’t recognized her yet? Then we will try to give you some small hints.

This little girl has grown up today and is 72 years old – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

As we have already said, this little girl has become one tv star, much loved by the public and followed by all generations. This lady, in fact, has almost two and a half million followers on Instagram and is much appreciated by her because she always manages to be empathetic, especially when interviewing her guests. We often see her on television, but only one day a week.

Now you definitely understand, there is no doubt. We are talking about the Sunday queen, the woman who enters Italian homes every seven days, offering moments of joy, emotion and lightness. If you still haven’t figured out who it is, scroll down the text and you’ll find out who this little girl is and what her job is today.

This little girl is an Italian TV star: the queen of Sundays

It’s impossible that you haven’t figured out who it is, but we still want to be precise: the little girl you see in the photo is Mara Venier and this shot dates back to when the TV presenter was just five years old. It was she who posted this photo on social networks to underline the similarity with her nephew, who is about the same age today as she was at the time of the photo.

Mara Domenica In
Mara Venier during a live broadcast on Domenica In – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

“I must have been 5 years old and I was a happy little girl”wrote the ex-partner of Renzo Arbore on Instagram, “I never thought I’d have such an intense life. However, do I look like Claudietto or is it my suggestion?”. The presenter was born in Venice on October 20, 1950, although she moved to Rome for professional matters very young. It is precisely from the Rai studios in the capital that it is broadcast Sunday Inthe television program that allowed her to be loved so much by the Italians.

In fact, his first participation in this Sunday show dates back to 1993. Twenty years have passed since his debut on Sunday In and today Mara Venier still manages to win over the audience. Despite the conjunction with several sporting events, Sunday In often collects record numbers. Mara she returned to lead the program in 2018 and does not appear to have any plans to retire.