Here she was just a child, today she is a beloved actress: in her latest film she made us laugh out loud

In this photo she was just a little girl, today she is a much loved actress: can you recognize her in this shot?

In this shot a beloved actress is photographed. It was she who made it known on her very popular instagram profile. It became popular thanks to a famous series. The actress, even as a child, spends a lot of time on the set. The reason? His aunt is a movie star.

Do you recognize the girl in the photo? Today she is a much loved actress (source instagram)

To oppose this choice his mother, who does not want her daughter’s childhood to be too eventful. Despite this, at the age of about 9, he gets his first role in a drama. Also in the same year, he gets a small role in the film where his aunt is the protagonist. By chance, did you understand who we are talking about?

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Do you recognize the little girl? Today she is a much loved actress: she made us laugh so much in her latest film

We have already told you that the girl in the shot is a famous and beloved actress. She is the granddaughter of a movie star and since she was little she has acted alongside the star. It is precisely by spending time with her, on the sets, that he becomes passionate about acting.

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Despite initial opposition from her mother, she made her debut in the drama Blow. In his latest film, Holidate, released in 2020, made us laugh a lot. A romantic comedy starring the actress, in the role of a girl, left the only single in the family. This is why she is obsessed with relatives to find a boy. Do you understand now who is the girl in the picture?

Emma Roberts
source getty

Yes, she is Emma Roberts, granddaughter of star Julia Roberts, would you ever have said that? In the photo she was just a little girl, ready to make herself known in the world of cinema. And so it was. The actress landed her first role in Blow, when she was about 9, and in the same year, she starred alongside Jiulia, in The perfect lovers. But with which series did it become popular? We are talking about American Horror Story, you remember it, right?