Here she was just a girl, today she is very famous: do you recognize her?

In this revived photo she was just a little girl, today she is really famous: do you recognize her? It is really impossible not to.

He is very close to the start of his new adventure on the small screen, but we are so eagerly awaiting that we could not help but take a look at his Instagram channel and find out a little more about him.

Do you recognize what a very famous girl today? Credits: instagram

Currently among the most beloved faces of Instagram and more than established influencer, the very nice Roman is delighted to share everything with her audience. In addition to shots in the company of her family and her current partner, however, we were able to track down shots that portray her in the past. There are really several, we assure you. And all, however, demonstrate her infinite beauty. And what we have re-proposed above is the clearest proof! In the shot in question, in fact, the very famous influencer is only one little girl, but have you managed to recognize it? Tell us the truth: it’s not impossible at all!

Today she is very famous, but here she was just a little girl: do you know who we are talking about?

It was a real “feat” to track down one of her shots as a girl, since she loves sharing everything with her social audience, but in the end we did it. And the result is truly incredible. You have managed to recognize this gorgeous little girl in the photo, which today is a woman very famous? Beware: it hasn’t changed at all over time! We are talking about her: the beautiful and very nice Guendalina Tavassi!

Starting from March 21st, Guendalina Tavassi will be a new competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi. A few years after her very first participation in the Canale 5 adventure reality show, the beautiful Roman will return to Honduras. And this time she will be accompanied by her brother Edoardo.

What will it take with it?

Other than her brother’s company, Gwendolyn will not be alone on the beach at all. The exclusive novelty of this Island of the Famous is that each castaway can take an object with them. Some have chosen to bring a pigtail and others a hat, but do you know what the beautiful Tavassi brought with her? On TV smiles and songs, she revealed that she had chosen the favorite soft toy of her children. A very sweet gesture that, without any doubt, will give her great strength.

very famous girl
Credits: Instagram

Will you follow his adventure in Honduras? We can’t miss it!