He’s jealous? Kim Kardashian responds to Kanye West’s attempt at rapprochement with a very significant gesture

Kim kardashian apparently rejected her husband’s indirect offer of reconciliation Kanye west, teasing him while enjoying another romantic date with her new boyfriend Pete davidson.

The 41-year-old reality star and her boyfriend were spotted walking hand in hand in Santa Monica days after her former rapper’s sweet wish to rekindle the relationship.

Kardashian smiled during his outing with the comedian seemingly responding to Kanye who is desperate to be reunited with the mother of his children.

Kim looked incredibly beautiful while wearing an open leather skirt over leggings, elbow-length leather gloves, sunglasses with a baseball cap and a high collar, while carrying a small silver bag.

Giving more importance to her likely future partner with her ravishing appearance as it was her version of a casual outfit for a date night.

Secondly, Davidson He looked classy while sporting a T-shirt, bomber jacket, jeans, and a baseball cap, which read “Uncle Paulio”. His fingernails were painted black.

The lovebirds ate in a private room, then got in the van Lamborghini from Davidson after he opened the car door for her. They were photographed laughing and one snapshot had fans speculating that Davidson You could be sporting a hickey on your neck.

Kardashian and Davidson, who first bonded in October, are dating and having a great time together. There are reports that Pete is doing everything he can to make Kim feel special. While, Kanye seems to be jealous of his ex-wife’s romantic outing with a new man.