Hezbollah against Israel, Nasrallah: “We are in battle, Hamas’s war is legitimate”

The general secretary of Hezbollah: “The operation was conducted 100% by the Palestinians”, it was “courageous, great, very, very important”. And he adds: “Israel is more fragile than a spider’s web”

The war against Israel “is the most just. Hamas’ battle is legitimate. Since October 8, the resistance in Lebanon has been involved in a real battle, different from all those in the past”. Hezbollah, through the words of leader Hassan Nasrallah, exposes itself by taking an official position in the war triggered by the attack that Hamas launched against Israel on 7 October.

Since October 8, the resistance in Lebanon has been involved in a real battledifferent from all those in the past, different from those in which Lebanon has been involved, totally different and different in terms of tools, weapons, strategies and even objectives,” he said.

The October 7 operation was a sacred operation conducted 100% by the Palestinians”and it was ”a courageous, large, very very important operation. There is no more just war than the one” that Hamas launched against Israel, he then added, underlining that “you will not find another better war to fight for the country, we must sacrifice everything. We are ready to sacrifice, to give everything”.

This is an operation with which ”the weakness, the failure and the fact that in reality” Israel is ”more fragile than a spider’s web” was discovered, added the Lebanese leader, stating that the Israelis asked ” ‘support, support and protection from the Americans” and ”the speed on the American side in supporting the Israelis has revealed the failure of the Zionist entity”. We tell the enemy that the end of the battle will be the victory of Gaza”, he then stated. According to the head of the Lebanese Shiite party, the Jewish state “has failed to achieve a result through the killings and massacres in Gaza”.

Nasrallah added that ”since the beginning of Operation Allah’s Flood the hostile government has called the American fleets in the Mediterranean to ask for support”. And he asks himself: ”Why? Where is that Israel that claims to be the strongest army in the area?”. And he added that ”Israel asked for new weapons, new missiles’‘ demonstrating that it is a country that ”needs American support, European mobilization just to have psychological support”.

“The battle of the Al-Aqsa flood spanned more than one front and in more than one arena,” Nasrallah said in his first public speech since the Hamas attack on Israel, calling the operation “courageous, very important that led to a military, political and psychological security earthquake in Israel.” “These repercussions will remain regardless of the actions carried out by the hostile government”, he added, reiterating that “what happened in Gaza was necessary to re-propose the Palestinian issue as the first issue in the world”, he reiterated.

As for Iran, it “supports and supports” the “resistance movement in Lebanon and Palestine, but makes no recommendations on leaders or decisions that are made.”

“Gaza’s sacrifices have established a new historical stage in the destiny of the Palestinian people and in the destiny of the region and its peoples,” according to Hezbollah’s secretary general. “One of the most important mistakes of the enemy’s government is to set ambitious objectives that it cannot achieve, such as the elimination of Hamas”, added the head of the Lebanese Shiite party, recalling that the Jewish state “had already announced in 2006 that the Its goal was to eliminate Hezbollah, which was not achieved.”