“Hi Dad, you will find out how much I loved you”, mourning at the GF Vip: the pain of the former competitor

Mourning at the GF VIP, he says goodbye: “Hi dad, you will find out how much I loved you”, the painful greeting from the competitor

Grave mourning for the GF VIP competitor. The announcement came a few hours ago, where on her Instagram channel she let everyone know that she said goodbye to her dad. You participated in the fourth edition of Big Brother and then returned to the VIP edition, precisely the twelfth. The competitor right inside the house had talked about his family and the bond with his dad.

Mourning GF VIP (Credits: Facebook)

Only a few days ago we learned the news of the disappearance of Pietro Sonaglia. It is these difficult hours and moments that the competitor of the GF Vip and his family are experiencing. Farewell to a parent is something we would never want to experience, and when it comes sadly the pain arises it cannot even remotely be measured.

He was part of the cast of contestants who took part in GF 4 and then returned there in the twelfth in the ‘VIP’ edition. Patrick Pugliese he was a much loved and much appreciated character in the reality show for his sympathy, irony and desire to get involved. In these hours he announced to everyone the grave and painful loss of his father, dedicating a farewell message to him.

Mourning at the GF VIP, the contestant says goodbye to his dad: “You’ll find out how much I loved you”

The message that has thrown the whole family into despair arrives in these hours. Patrick Pugliese, former GF VIP contestant lets everyone know about the painful grief. The loss of his father, Osvaldo Pugliese. Just as a competitor inside the house she had made it known that she had a very strong bond with her dad, she had said she was very similar to him.

The young man on his social channel shared a shot in which the caption reports the farewell message dedicated to his father: “Hi Dad, now you will find out how much I loved you“. And a warning arrives, a message that Patrick addresses to everyone: “Spend time with loved ones today and never put off again“, He writes.

mourning gf vip
Credits: Instagram

There are many messages of condolence that Patrick Pugliese received following the announcement of the painful news. Former roommates of the reality show, well-known characters such as Alessia Marcuzzi, Tina Cipollari, Adriana Volpe, cling to his pain.