Highsnob does an about-face: “I’m not retiring, my new single Chaos will be released on October 20th”

The rapper explained the reason for his message while announcing the release of the new single Chaoscoming to the market Friday 20 October. Highsnob he revealed how a difficult period in his life led him to understand many things, also thanking fans, friends and colleagues for the support shown to him in the last few hours: “I apologize if I made you worry, but thank you for the enormous love you have shown me mandate”.

Highsnob is out on October 20th chaos

Highsnob has decided to show himself in a crystal clear way to the over 110,000 followers of his Instagram profile. In recent hours the rapper had announced his retirement from the scene due to an apparent legal dispute.

The artist said: “I imagined what the people who loved me would think if I hadn’t really been there anymore, because I had come very close once again, very close. I was immensely sad, the music was slow to come out and I saw myself increasingly in the abyss of failure. Inside a black blanket that would have been difficult to pierce. Somehow that morning I would have needed messages like the ones I received yesterday, messages of esteem and affection.”

Highsnob, competing at the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song Take care of yourself with Hu, he continued: “I regret having to continually create a mask to show you who I really amI’ve been doing this all my life, but I have so much love in my heart. I’m just a small grain of loneliness, who no longer wants to be necessarily accepted by the rest of the class, that’s what I am. I would just like not to be forgottenI would like to achieve my successes for which I paid so much, and not disappear for so long without reason, as if what I have done up to now was worth nothing, because it isn’t like that and because it won’t happen.”

Highsnob then clarified: “The message I wrote yesterday is not true, it is a fiction, my music will not be withdrawn, but the love that generated what I wrote will not. That’s not fake and even the most hardened haters showed me affection yesterday and I can’t help but be happy about that. I apologize if I made you worry, but thank you for the enormous love you sent me.”

Finally, the rapper (PHOTO) concluded: “Friends, fans, big names, colleagues, know that I needed this, I needed to feel your energy, I would sing with you for ten hours straight now. I will pay the price by responding to each of you who spent a second of their time to be close to me.”

The rapper then announced the release of the single Chaos for Friday 20 October.