Highways, increases from January 2023: that’s where

2% increase for tolls on motorways under the responsibility of Autostrade per l’Italia. No increase for the A24/A25

Toll increases for motorways from January 2023, but 50% of arterial roads will be without increases, with gradual toll updates and with cuts compared to forecasts. This is what was established by MIT, in agreement with the Mef, with the result that Italians will be able to benefit from a better situation than other European countries.

In Spain, an increase of 4% is expected for eleven motorway sections (compared to the average demand of +8.4%). In France, on the other hand, an average rise in tariffs of 4.75% is expected from 1 February 2023, which adds up to the +2% in 2022. In our country, theand roads covered by Autostrade per l’Italia risked an increase of nearly 5% which was averted: from January 1st it will stop at 2%with the addition of another 1.34% only from 1 July 2023.

It is confirmed the halt to increases on the A24 /A25 Rome L’Aquila Teramo motorways and Branch Torano Pescara: the Mit is doing insights for a possible reduction. In our country, the increases on the sections involved are lower than inflation.

There are no increases in increases for companies whose business plan is being updated (Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova SpA motorway, Milan Serravalle, Autostrada Ligure Toscana pA – Trunk Autocisa, Autostrade Valdostane SpA, Tangenziale di Napoli SpA, Autostrada dei Fiori SpA – A6, Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus SpA, Autostrada Tirrenica pA, Autostradale Valle d’Aosta SpA, Concessioni Autostradali Venete SpA), zero increases for companies with expired concessions (Autostrada del Brennero SpA, Società Autostrada Ligure Toscana pA – A12 Ligure Toscano section -, Autovie Venete SpA, SATAP SpA – Turin section, Alessandria, Piacenza, Autostrada dei Fiori SpA, Società per Azioni Autostrada Torino-Ivrea-Valle D’Aosta), the BreBeMi, the Pedemontana Lombarda, Strada dei Parchi Spa, the consortium for Sicilian motorways remain unchanged.