His Dark Materials 3, photos from the third season

The end of 2021 is a perfect opportunity to start sharing material with previews of the most anticipated TV series of next season and start the year with enthusiasm. HBO Max, in a video that includes many of the hit titles from its catalog, showed some scenes from the new season of “His Dark Materials“, Third and last cycle of episodes broadcast in Italy on Sky. Meanwhile, they appeared on Twitter and Instagram four unpublished photos with the main characters. Pending the announcement of the release dates of the new episodes, viewers can retrieve all the episodes of the Anglo-American series visible from 2019 on Sky.

“His Dark Materials 3”: the final clash of the worlds

Follow-up to the second season aired in 2020 with seven episodes, “His Dark Materials – These dark materials” will tell the stories contained in “The Amber Telescope”, the third novel in Philip Pullman’s bestselling fantasy literary trilogy, published between 1995 and 2000.
Lyra Belacaqua and Will Parrish, actors Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson, are at the center of a war on which the fate of all will depend, dead and alive. While Lord Asriel, actor James McAvoy, continues his search for reinforcements to enact the planned rebellion already in the second season, the final battle against the Kingdom of Heaven, Dr. Mary Malone, actress Simone Kirby, builds a magnificent amber telescope and reaches a parallel world inhabited by the Mulefa where another cataclysmic phenomenon is taking place. New species from other worlds are added to the adventures of the characters left unresolved in the last season broadcast and the final battle will not spare any universe.

The cast and writers of the third season

In the cast of the third season, in addition to Dafne Keen and Wilson, James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda will return, respectively as Lord Asriel and Lee Scoresby, Ruth Wilson, in the role of Marisa Coulter, Clarke Peters, in the role of Lyra’s teacher, and Ariyon Bakare in those of Lord Boreal. Jade Anouka, Simone Kirby and Andrew Scott are some of the new entries who will complete the cast of the final episodes. Consisting of eight episodes scripted by Jack Thorne, former writer of the first two seasons, the show is directed by Amit Gupta and by Charles Martin and Weronika Tofilska. The three professionals divided the direction of the episodes.