His partner left him and he lives “with a pension of 1100 euros”: the actor’s confession

In his very recent interview, the actor revealed that he was left by his partner and that he lives on a € 1100 pension.

If Sabrina Ferilli is enjoying a top summer – and this latest social photo confirms it – the same cannot be said of the beloved actor. At Il corriere della sera, the appreciated Italian interpreter told what happened to him in recent months: he was left by his partner!

Left mate. Credits: Youtube

A 360-degree interview, the one to which the beloved actor indulged in Il Corriere della sera – just like that of Flavia Pennetta at the same newspaper. Now at the age of 81 and with a curriculum full of rather impressive work experiences, the beloved interpreter could not help but retrace the highlights of his life and career. To date, he lives on a pension of 1100 euros and feeds mainly on this, but he has made no secret of having taken part in a famous TV program precisely to increase his economic status. “I’m a a frank and direct type: it took me half a century to make a name for myself and today you pay for this name “, he told.

It is precisely on the pages of Il Corriere della Sera, however, that he told of his current sentimental status. It would seem, in fact, that the actor was left by his partner. Let’s find out together, however, what happened and who it is.

Left by his partner for another: what happened to the famous actor

A very bitter confession, the one to which the beloved actor let himself go during his interview with Il corriere della sera. According to what we learn from her words, it would seem that the interpreter of many successful films has returned single after having a relationship with a girl younger than her. We don’t have a lot of information on the duration of the love story, but it seems that the woman has decided to ditch him for a guy younger than him. “He’s back with his ex”, has explained.

The protagonist of this article is Fabio Testi. He is the beloved Italian actor to have told this ‘disappointment’ of love. And that he hasn’t denied that he already has a woman he has been seeing for a while and with whom he has an affectionate friendship that has been going on for some time.

The words on the GF Vip

Many will remember Fabio Testi’s participation in GF Vip. Having become a competitor of the reality show during the edition won by Paola Di Benedetto, the actor said he took part in the famous Canale 5 program for money. “The production paid me well and I did it”, he said. To date, as we said earlier, she lives on a pension of 1100 euros, but she would work for free just for a good film.

companion actor
Texts to GF Vip. Credits: Youtube

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