His song accompanied the summer of many: after 25 years you will not recognize it

His song was among the most beloved of the Festivalbar ’97: this is how it is 25 years after the Spanish artist who also conquered our country.

There are songs that, after a resounding success, continue to be real ‘cult’. Often these are songs that have characterized the past summers becoming international catchphrases, as it could be Despacito by Luis Fonsi in collaboration with rapper Daddy Yankee. In 2017 he climbed all the charts and his video clip was for a long time the most viewed on Youtube.

Successful song 25 years later (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Going even further back in memory, we could mention the famous one Lambada, published in 1989 by the Franco-Brazilian group Kaoma. Or, the cover of the Macarena made by Los Locos, which made generations dance for years. The common denominator of all these pieces is certainly the ability to remain etched in the collective memory even after a long time.

Also to the artist we are talking about, and who we see in the photo during his performance in an episode of Festivalbar ’97 a great success of those years is linked to Lignano Sabbiadoro. She is the Spanish Rosana, do you remember it? With her song titled El talisman marked the summer of 1997 and became a real star here too. Later, she duetted with Sugar in Blue (Lo Que Sueño), piece included in the Spanish version of the album Blue Sugar of the famous Italian singer-songwriter. Even the Article 31 they wanted to record a song with her and that collaboration was born I do not know what it is.

Today we want to show you how it has become Rosana today: we assure you that her look is really different.

In ’97 she became very popular with the song El talisman: this is how Rosana is 25 years later

Born in Lanzarote on 24 October 1963, Rosana Arbelo Gopar he spent his childhood in the Canary Islands in a family of eight children. In the early 1980s she moved to Madrid where she began her career as a songwriter and wrote her first musical lyrics. In Italy, however, she is best remembered for the soundtrack of the film Curdled directed by Reb Braddock in which there is, in fact, El talisman.

This single reached the second place among the best-selling in Italy and was the fifty-first best-selling throughout 1997. It’s been 25 years since that song exploded, but how has Rosana become today? Still very popular through social media, the talented Iberian artist is now 59 years old and has completely revolutionized her look. In one of her latest Instagram photos of her, we see her with a ‘punk’ style haircut, shaved on one side and with a long braid. And then, it is impossible not to notice the many tattoos on the left arm! The face, on the other hand, even if no longer ‘soap and water’ as it was at the time, doesn’t seem to have changed much, does it?

song 25 years later
Summer smash 25 years later (Credits: Instagram)

Would you have recognized her like this?