His tragic death shocked the audience of ‘The Oc’, what happened to it today? Dramatic confession

Her tragic death in the TV series The Oc shocked all her viewers, but what does the actress do today? The dramatic confession.

Are you also following the reruns of The Oc on La5? We have no doubts: absolutely yes! 18 years after the first episode aired, the US television series continues to be one of the most loved and watched products ever. And let’s face it, we can find a solution easily!

Remember Marissa’s tragic death in The Oc? Here it is today. Photo Source: Youtube

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Over the course of the four seasons of The Oc, we have witnessed something extraordinary. Not only, in fact, we were the protagonists of the splendid love story between Ryan and Marissa, but also to all the other surrounding events. The most significant one and which, without a doubt, shocked all its audience, however, is only one: the Marissa’s death! Caused by a car accident, the dramatic episode left a bad taste in the mouth of all viewers of the series. And, even now, it is among what has left a mark on their hearts. Here you are. It’s been years since this episode aired, but are you curious to know what happened to the actress? Let’s find out together.

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Impossible to forget the tragic death of Marissa in The Oc, but what does the actress do today?

It was one of the undisputed stars of The Oc, Marissa Cooper. Played by the legendary Mischa Barton, the very young girl wore the shoes of a beloved character. It is precisely for this reason that his drama, caused by a car accident orchestrated ad hoc by Volchock, has upset, and not a little, all viewers of the TV series.

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Are you curious what the gorgeous Mischa Barton does today? Well: after The Oc, the actress literally rode the wave of success! Although she started acting when she was very young, it is the famous TV series that has allowed her to increase her hype. And it has given her the opportunity to take part in many other films and TV series of a certain caliber. Very active, then, on her social channel, the actress never misses an opportunity to communicate with her supporters.

The dramatic confession

Without a doubt, you will have asked yourself this question in many: why did Mischa leave The Oc? To reveal everything, it was the direct interested just recently. To ‘E! Online’, the actress said that she made this decision with pain, but that she considered it necessary for her professional growth.

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