Historic homes of Lazio, the proposal to facilitate access to the regional network

From the Palazzo dei Principi Ruspoli in Cerveteri to the Villa Adriana complex in Tivoli, from the Garden of Ninfa to abandoned villages such as ancient Monterano; and even new entries such as Palazzo Scuderini Rossi in Castel di Tora (Rieti), the Casa Landolfi in Pico (Frosinone), the Torre dell’Orologio complex in Bassano in Teverina (Viterbo) and the Palazzo della Bonificazione in Terracina (Latina): there are 199 cultural assets spread across the Lazio region that are part of the regional network, which intends to enhance and promote an immense heritage made up of homes, villas, architectural complexes, parks and gardens of historical and cultural value. An artistic and landscape richness, a driving force for the economy, placed at the center of the Region’s actions. Which, since 2018, has allocated important resources to finance, through a public notice, maintenance and recovery interventions on historic sites, making them accessible and usable in complete safety.

The owners or managers of assets already accredited in the Network can request contributions of up to 50 thousand euros in the amount of 50% of the eligible expenses for private entities, 70% for public entities and 100% in the case of small municipalities within 15 thousand inhabitants, or for municipalities in a declared state of financial difficulty. Among the expenses that can be financed are those for the execution of works, for the design or purchase of equipment, fittings and furnishings. Also allowed, for 5% of the total costs, are expenses relating to the promotion and communication of the property and the reference territory. Last year, the Region allocated approximately 1.3 million euros to finance 26 projects in as many historic homes in Lazio.

According to current regulations, applications for accreditation to the regional network can be submitted in a certain period of the year with a public notice open for two months. Now a bill has been presented in Pisana, first signed by councilor Marco Colarossi and signed by the entire Forza Italia group, to amend the legislation allowing accreditation at any time of the year. “In the Culture commission – Colarossi explains to Adnkronos – the examination of the bill has already begun which aims to amend regional law no. 8/2016, concerning provisions regarding interventions for the enhancement of homes, villas and architectural complexes , parks and gardens of historical and cultural value. The provision enters into the merits of the accreditation procedure, which allows the valorization of assets and access to contributions and financing. Currently the procedure provides for a public notice every year, between May and June “A cumbersome process that puts municipalities in difficulty. Forza Italia’s proposal, however, allows interested private and public entities to submit applications at any time of the year and gives the management 60 days to respond.” , “the hearings in the Commission will begin as per protocol – adds Colarossi – The subjects to be audited will be defined on Monday. I hope that the proposal lands in the Chamber soon, hoping for broad consensus.”