H&M has announced the collaboration with Mugler

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Mugler, the French company founded in the seventies by Thierry Mugler and led by the American designer Casey Cadwallader is on the crest of the wave, as evidenced by the choice by H&M for a collaboration which promises to be one of the most desirable of the entire year: Mugler H&M is much more than a capsule of those made ad hoc by big brands for the Swedish fashion giant, it is rather an opportunity to have in your wardrobe a piece that contains the essence of today’s fashion, sexy and inclusive.

Mugler today: Casey Cadwallader’s vision

Mugler is one of the brands of the momentwith a prominent place in the vast panorama of world fashion, highly sought after by the brightest stars of the showbiz firmament, from Madonna to Dua Lipa.

Designed since 2018 by Casey Cadwalladerwhich shares origins (the city of Strasbourg) and intentions with the legendary Manfred Thierry ever since the latter was still present in the atelier, Mugler has conquered many positions in the ranking of the most cool reminding fashion enthusiasts, especially those with a short memory, how much value fashion still has today disruptive and nonconformist vision of a brand that made French fashion great in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a time when Armani and Versace dominated Italy.
With fashion shows that are real spectacular events and collections that intelligently refer to the huge archive of the brandCadwallader has brought Mugler back into the spotlight.

From 11 May Mugler and H&M designer clothes and accessories will also arrive in selected H&M stores with a direct line to purchases via the brand’s official e-commerce. The recommendation is always the same: be quick and beat the other buyers to the punch. As with the other limited edition collections featured in flash salessee those made by H&M with Balmain or Versace, this drop will also be sold-out immediately, thanks to the aesthetic quality of pieces that everyone would like to wear today.

The collection Mugler H&M from 11 May

In the Mugler H&M collection, visible in the campaign spots broadcast on the site and its official social networks of the two brands, they stand out tight-fitting minidress with attractive bustier details, lycra bodysuit with veil design inserts very similar to those that have repeatedly appeared on the catwalk, denim garments, patchwork trousers and jackets mix of blue and black (perhaps the symbolic color of the French fashion house), sophisticated blazers, very tight leggingsaccessories with the new M logo, boots, long gloves, zip-up sweatshirts and corset, worn by models and models alikeaccording to a logic also followed in the brand presentation fashion shows.
Mugler is not only pleasant and seductive, he is above all an inclusive project, designed to be worn by everyone; it is no coincidence that the muse (or angel, in Mugler’s jargon) of the new campaign is Hunter Schafertrans actress and model that international audiences came to know with the role of Jules in Euphoriacult series by Sam Lavinson.
While waiting for the launch, there is time to get involved in the music and energy of the videos of the H&M campaign for which Mugler has summoned friendly faces including the top model Mariacarla Bosconothe artists Amaarae, Shygirl, Eartheater and Ark, and the always magnificent Jerry Hall.