Hogwarts Legacy, an ASMR video for the Harry Potter game settings

Avalanche Software returns to show the world of wizards in a videogame version after yet another postponement

Warner Bros Interactive and developers Avalanche have released a new video of
Hogwarts Legacy
, the video game set in the world of Harry Potter at the end of the nineteenth century, with new protagonists, a new story but the same setting as the books and films. The video is set on a summer day and shows the surroundings of Hogwarts Castle among streams, woods, lakes. Avalanche thus displays graphically exceptional settings that should finally do justice to the world imagined by JK Rowling, which has rarely been represented so faithfully in a video game. A video that increases the wait, of course, and in part compensates for yet another postponement of the game. The title will in fact be released on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on February 10, 2023, a further postponement compared to the last announced date, which corresponded to a generic “End 2022”. The winter season loses another triple A much awaited by all fans, and the situation is even worse for Nintendo Switch owners: in this case, the publisher announces that the launch date on the console will be revealed later. The development of Hogwarts Legacy has been very troubled: first announced in September 2020, along with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 titles. Since then the game has been postponed first to 2021, then to 2022, and now to 2023.