Hold your breath before discovering the luxurious collection of shoes by Daniela Aránguiz

The model and panelist Daniela Aranguiz She is a very active woman in her social networks. She likes to share moments of her work, fashion, sports routines and relaxation with her followers. On this occasion, the former Jorge Valdivia dazzled her instagram followers with a story.

On her instagram account, the Zona de Estrellas panelist showed off her dressing room, in which you can see the number of pairs of shoes she has. There are all models and colors. Daniela She showed off her figure in front of the large mirror in a tight-fitting red dress.

Daniela’s amazing shoe collection. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

the ex of Jorge Valdivia He confessed days ago that he decided to make peace with the player. He explained that he did it, first for the good of his children, the most affected in this break. In this sense, he said that he called him to speak calmly without intermediaries.

Regarding communication, Daniela He said: “Now we are fine, but we were not talking to each other, we were away for a long time. And we noticed that this hurt the people we love. We both gave in, I had the first approach ”. The relationship of the panelist and Jorge It lasted 17 years and after the separation they did not speak to each other.

The panelist confessed that she made peace with her ex Jorge Valdivia. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Daniela She also recounted how the conversation with her ex-husband went. “One day I called him crying and told him, how long do we continue like this? Because it was already a long time. We sent messages to each other all day through other people for simple things like who was going to pick up the kids from school. So we talked, we were honest, we had a nice conversation where we recognized that there would always be love between us.” “The best thing is to get along… we continue to share as a family,” added the model