Hold your breath before knowing what Natalia Oreiro looked like when she was queen of the 2001 Viña Festival

In 2001, the Uruguayan singer, actress and dancer, Natalia Oreiro, was presented at the Viña del Mar Festival and drew all eyes. In that edition of the Viña Marino contest, Oreiro was crowned Queen of the Festival and her presentation at Quinta Vergara was one of the most successful in the event’s history.

The “Oreiromania”

Natalia in 2001, Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

Natalia Oreiro He had been very successful in his country, Uruguay, and also in Argentina, where he had participated in soap operas and movies. Her fame spread to other Latin American countries, and she came to Chile to conquer the audience at the Viña del Mar Festival. “Oreiromanía” broke out in Chile and in many other countries in the region, with fans following the singer and actress everywhere. Her presence at the Viña del Mar Festival was confirmation of her popularity in the region.

Festival Queen

Natalia in 2001, Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

Natalia Oreiro Not only did she dazzle with her performance at Quinta Vergara, but she also stood out as a jury of the international competition at the Viña del Mar Festival. In addition, she was the first Queen of the Festival to inaugurate the now traditional “Piscinazo”. After her coronation as Queen of the Viña del Mar Festival, Natalia Oreiro returned to the contest in 2002 to be the co-host of the event. Her career as a singer and actress continued to rise, and she became one of the most prominent figures in Latin American entertainment.

Natalia Oreiro’s career

Natalia Oreiro He has developed a successful career in music and acting. She has participated in movies and television series at home and abroad, and has been recognized for her talent and her beauty. She has also been an ambassador for different brands and advertising campaigns. In recent years, Natalia Oreiro has starred in the biopic of the Argentine singer Gilda and the series “Santa Evita”, where she played the mythical first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón. These works have allowed her to demonstrate her versatility as an actress and her ability to give life to historical figures.

At the moment, Natalia Oreiro She is 45 years old and is married to the Argentine musician Ricardo Mollo, with whom she has a son named Merlín Atahualpa. Her career is still on the rise and her popularity in the region is still very high. The Queen of the 2001 Viña Festival is still in force and dazzling her audience with her beauty and her talent.