Hold your breath before seeing what Diana Bolocco looked like at 12

the tv presenter Diana Boloco 45 years old is one of the great figures of the local screen, which leads her to be one of the most followed women on social networks in the region both for her talent and beauty and also for being part of the renowned Bolocco family.

Diana Boloco has more than two decades of experience on television and was his sister Cecilia Boloco who introduced her to the medium, where they both currently work. They also have three brothers Juan Pablo, Rodrigo and Verónica who keep a very low profile.

The truth is Diana Boloco She is very active on social networks and maintains permanent contact with her almost two million followers from all corners of the world. Precisely, this week the driver surprised them by sharing a postcard of her on Instagram when she was a 13-year-old girl and more than one was frozen.

Diane Boloco. Source: instagram @dianaboloccof

“Please look at this photo! A friend sent it to me. It’s a screenshot of Tuesday the 13th, a program that my dear sister hosted. I was in the audience! I must have been about 12 years old. I’m dying of cuteness!!! Look at that little round face This is #tbt. Look @ceciliabolocco. Who do I look like???” Diane Boloco.

Diane Boloco. Source: Terra archive

In this retro postcard you can see Diana Boloco in full adolescence and still retains those traits that led her to succeed in the industry. The presenter’s fans reacted immediately to her publication and filled her with likes and hundreds of comments in which they highlight that she retains her beauty despite the passage of time.