Hold your breath before seeing what Pampita looked like 28 years ago

Pampita is an Argentine model and host who received that nickname for being a native of the province of La Pampa and as a cartoon character known in the ’70s. She in our country she became known for being the actor’s wife Benjamin Vicuna with whom he had four children. In the last hours, a video of her went viral where she can be seen with only 16 years and participating in a beauty contest where she surprised with her current resemblance.

In the last few hours, Carolina Ardohain, as is the real name of pampita, was conducting the Martin Fierro de Cable 2022 awards gala that awards awards to programs and hosts from the neighboring country. However, at one point in the ceremony, the driver asked those present to pay attention because a special moment was coming at night, since a tribute to the victims of the invasion of Ukraine was coming.

Pampita led the Martín Fierro de Cable 2022. Source Instagram @pampitaoficial

In the last days, pampita She was on vacation with her children, with whom she had with Benjamín Vicuña, in Punta Cana where she dazzled with her incredible swimsuit and took all eyes on her back. The Argentine model also received a surprise from the father of her last daughter, Roberto García Moritán, who gave her a bouquet of flowers and a love letter that took the Argentine model by surprise.

Pampita made everyone fall in love with her back. Source Instagram @pampitaoficial

A video went viral on social networks where you can see a pampita very young, with only 16 years being crowned as National Queen of Students in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. The 16-year-old teenager had traveled from her home province to represent her school at the party. The model attended this party in 1994.

One of the scandals that starred pampita It was when she discovered the infidelity of her ex-husband, Benjamín Vicuña with the also Argentine actress China Suárez while they were part of the filming of the movie “The Red Thread”. After so much controversy, they managed to rebuild her relationship and on more than one occasion, she has reacted to a photo of the driver with her children.