Hold your breath before seeing what Pampita was like at 21

TV presenter and model Carolina ‘Pampita’ Ardohain 44 years old is one of the most followed women of the moment both for her talent and her beauty. She is very popular on social networks where she accumulates more than seven million followers from all latitudes who follow her closely.

The life of pampita she always monopolizes the covers of magazines and newspapers and her activities of daily life with her children and her husband Robert Garcia Moritan they always have to talk. Carolina lived in her hometown called ‘La Pampa’ in Argentina until she was 16 when she decided to move to the country’s capital.

pampita She went to live in Buenos Aires with her boyfriend at the time and before succeeding as a model she worked in a bowling alley, was an event promoter and also a saleswoman in a clothing store in a major mall. The first photos of her hit the press in 1994 when she was crowned Provincial Wheat Queen and National Student Queen.

Pampita. Source: twitter @showmundialShow

With that title Carolina began to give her first interviews on television and from that moment her talent was already noticeable in front of the camera. Over time, she studied acting and classical dance and when she worked as a clothing seller she went to a casting for an important brand, she stayed and there they placed the artistic name of ‘Pampa’.

Pampita. Source: twitter @showmundialShow

pampita She began to pose as a model more and more frequently until a well-known agency took her on and decided to represent her. It was there that she became one of the most beautiful women in Argentina at the age of 21 and she appeared on her first magazine covers without knowing that she would become one of the most famous figures in the region.