Hold your breath before watching the racy dance that Pamela Díaz experienced in ‘Tierra Brava’

Pamela Díaz, known as “La Fiera”, lived an intensely sensual moment in the reality show ‘Brave Land‘. During a Mexican-themed party, celebrating the green team’s victory, Díaz enjoyed a racy dance that quickly went viral on social media.

The dance given by Spanish model Fabio Agostini, reminiscent of a bachelorette party, included the man showing off his skills as a professional star. While Pamela Diaz touched Fabio’s abdomen and pectorals, Luis Mateucci commented playfully on the heat of the moment.

The green team’s Mexican holiday was a scene of fun and flirting, with characters like Shirley and Luis accompanying the team in Brave Land. The men performed sensual dances for the women, including Max with Shirley, Luis with Guarén and, notably, Fabio with Pamela.

Pamela Diaz | Source: Instagram @pamefieradiaz

Regardless of what was happening with Pamela Diaz, which was undoubtedly the most fiery moment of the day, Luis, in particular, took the opportunity to flirt with Guarén. On the other hand, Miguelito, upset by the musical choice during Luis’s dance, decided to leave the party.

Meanwhile, the red team, not participating in these festivities, dedicated themselves to a classical ballet course, wearing pink tutus. The episode of ‘Brave Land‘ stood out for its mix of humor, flirtation and competition, marking another chapter that was talked about everywhere in the reality show.