Hold your breath before you find out how much it costs to meet Cony Capelli from Big Brother

For fans of the Big Brother participant, they are about to experience something unique that will make their hearts beat stronger than ever. The artist will give her fans the opportunity to meet her through an exciting new launch of a “Meet & Greet with Cony Capelli” special.

Cony Capelli. Source: Instagram @conycapelli

The best part is that this event is accessible to everyone, it becomes an unforgettable experience. It will be done by lottery, and the price is surprisingly low, only 3 thousand for the number, only that separates you from the opportunity to meet and interact with the great star of “Big Brother”.

During the months of December and January, Cony Capelli will be on tour through three important cities in Chile: Santiago, Viña del Mar and Concepción. This means that fans from all over the country will be able to participate in this exciting matchup no matter where they are.

Through the dancer’s own Instagram account, where all the details necessary to participate in the raffle have been published, the coordination of the raffle is carried out in a clear and simple way. The date in question will be between December 20 and January 30, but it is important to note that this date could vary according to the agenda of the Cony.

Cony Capelli. Source: Instagram @conycapelli

The draw will be carried out in the verified account of cony to ensure that there is truthfulness. If you consider yourself a fan of Cony Capelli and you want to meet her in person, be sure to take advantage of this possibility. Participate in the raffle and you could be one of the lucky ones to spend an unforgettable moment with this “Big Brother” star.