Hold your breath before you find out how much Karol G spent on a party in a bar in Medellín

Friday December 9 Carol G. He went out to party, and he did it in a big way. The singer is taking advantage of these dates to be on vacation, relaxed and enjoy her friends. She is in Medellín, her hometown, and just like the name of her song, she was on a walk in her favorite area: Provence. There she went to a local disco, but what was most surprising was when the expense that the singer and her friends had made was revealed.

Among the guests was Daiky Gamboa. And in the videos posted by some users of TikTok you could see they had a great time. The rest of the people in the disco were astonished as they danced with Carol G. like one of them. The artist loves to party, and it was shown that she gives her all when dancing but also when paying. The million dollar bill came all out of her pocket.

In the disco they played some of the themes of Carol G. “Gatúbela”, “Makinon” and “Provence”, such was the excitement and fun of the artist that she even danced on the stage of the place. The most striking thing was when the bar shared a photograph of the bill that made it clear how much she had spent Carol G. that night.

The value exceeded 9 million pesos, they were divided into 2 accounts, one contained $8,222,000 and the other $1,400,000. The images were quickly removed, but some users managed to capture them.

in the videos of Carol G. Dancing, she could be seen dressed in a corset, very trendy, and a jean skirt. After that night that she spent with her friends, Karol G expressed her happiness on the networks: “We even drank the water from the bushes, but we passed a retro chimba. I love you Medallion! Like you NOTHING. How he got me back from the night I spent yesterday,” she posted.