Hold your breath before you find out how much the dress Shakira wore to the Jimmy Fallon show costs

Show business has always been associated with luxury and ostentation, and artists are often the main protagonists of the latest trends in fashion and style. However, sometimes, the prices of the looks that they wear in their performances and public events are exorbitant and far from the reality of most people. like the look of Shakira from last week.

This is the case of Shakira and her hilarious look in total black that she used in her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon. The Alessandra Rich dress that she wore for the interview with the presenter, valued at 2,039 euros, and the ONRUSHW23FH and Mugler outfit that she wore to interpret her viral song, valued at 2,690 euros, are garments that are inaccessible to most pockets.

It is true that Shakira He has great purchasing power and can afford to spend large amounts of money on his looks, but we cannot forget that many of his followers do not have the same economic capacity. So, is it necessary for artists to spend large sums of money on their wardrobe to impress their audience?

There is no doubt that fashion and style are important in the entertainment industry, and that looks of artists can have a major impact on popular culture and society in general. However, I think we should consider whether it is necessary to spend large sums of money on high-end clothing and accessories to impress fans.

Instead, fans could focus on the artists’ talent and creativity, their message, and the quality of their music. After all, that is what really matters to his followers, and not so much the price of his clothes, or his looks totally.