Hold your breath before you know the real reason why Big Brother Chile failed

the reality show Big Brother Chile debuted several weeks ago and reached high audience levels, but over time the furor over the Chilevisión program faded and rumors are now circulating that it could come to an end early due to poor ratings.

In the Argentine program Intrometidos that is broadcast on Net TV, they analyzed the case and revealed the true reason for this failure a few weeks after its debut on the air on local Chilean television. “In Chile it is said that, after several days of low ratings, the program Big Brother Chile, which comes out on Chilevisión, could advance its finale because it fails to prevail in the audience” the panelists pointed out.

“We are talking about the lowest rating in the history of a reality show debut; shows that failed, in their first broadcast obtained better measurements”, explained the Chilean journalist Mario Solis about Big Brother and added: “Here the criticism of the Chileans is that the representatives that were elected, selected, try to replicate the mold of the Argentine participants. And the Chilean idiosyncrasy is not reflected”.

“The Chilean Alpha, for example, does not represent in any way a person of that generation in our country. The effort to imitate the real Alpha is very noticeable. And the second parts have never been good. To copy you have to have a masterful talent or it is better not to do it “he indicated by way of example Mario Solis about the participants of Big Brother.

Big Brother Chile. Source: Terra archive

Finally Mario Solis closed with a harsh reflection on this broadcast of Big Brother and said: “The first big repercussion is that this reality show is going to go down in history in Chile, but as the most resounding failure that Chilean television has ever had.”