Hold your breath before you see how attractive Android 18 from “Dragon Ball Z” looks in real life, according to this cosplay

Social networks are the platforms most used by people, as they allow them to form communities where they share tastes and beliefs. One of the effects of this use gave rise to an activity known as the cosplay, in which people try to recreate, in real life, their favorite characters from the series or the movies. Such was the case of a famous influencer who recreated one of the characters from “Dragon Ball Z” that captivated several fans with her beauty, under the name of android 18.

He cosplay It is a very demanding activity that requires paying attention to even the smallest detail in the clothing of the character to be interpreted. Although for some they see it as a moment to let their imagination run wild, others took the opportunity to gain ground on other platforms such as Onlyfans. One of them was the influencer Penny Love who managed to recreate the outfit of Android 18, an anime character from the series “Dragon Ball Z”.

The gamer named Penny GamePlays, or Penny Love, is known on social networks for her love of anime and manga series, such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion. This led her to the world of cosplay, a place where she became popular among her followers thanks to her beauty. However, her fame grew much more when she managed to recreate the clothing of the android 18.

The images uploaded to their social networks show the influencer dressed in the same clothes as the android 18 in his first appearance in “Dragon Ball Z”. Both his fans and those of this anime series were captivated by the cosplay. In addition, this activity is financed through his OnlyFans account, a platform where he continues to add followers.

Source: Instagram Penny Love

Penny Love not only demonstrates her talent with the cosplay of the android 18, but has experimented with other female characters from series such as Evangelion, Spiderman or Scooby Doo. However with this character from “Dragon Ball Z”, many fans were surprised not only by its beauty, but by the degree of realism achieved. This also allowed her to reach a new audience through the Onlyfans platform.

Source: Instagram Penny Love