Hold your breath before you see how irresistible Atom Eve from “Invincible” looks in real life, according to Artificial Intelligence

“Invincible” is undoubtedly one of the comics that marked an era due to its unique plot with which it won millions of fans around the world. However, part of the comic’s success is due to its iconic characters such as Mark Grayson, Samantha Eve Wilkins or Atom Eve and Nolan Grayson who brought the story to life. That is why today we will show you what one of them would look like in real life according to the Artificial intelligence.

The plot of “Invincible” follows Markus Sebastian “Mark” Grayson, a seemingly ordinary high school student, whose only difference is that his father, Nolan Grayson, is Omni-Man, one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth and a member of the superhero group known as The Guardians of the Globe. At age 16, Mark develops superpowers and begins his career as a superhero under the guidance of his father. Occasionally, he collaborates with a superhero team called Teen Team, which includes Robot, Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate and Atom Eve. Because she is always on the right side of morality, she is one of the favorite characters when it comes to making cosplay.

Invincible” is a monthly comic book conceived by screenwriter Robert Kirkman and illustrator Cory Walker for Image Comics. Its first edition in the United States was launched in January 2003, while in Spain, by Aleta Ediciones, it arrived in December 2003 under the title of “Invincible“. The publication in Spain adopted a format of limited series without a fixed periodicity. Later a second edition was introduced in the form of compilation volumes without a predefined periodicity. In 2009, Aleta Ediciones and Dolmen Editorial agreed on joint distribution, continuing the collection in the same format.

Samantha Eve Wilkins, known by her alter ego Atom Eve, is Mark’s classmate and a member of the Teen Team. Her existence is due to a government experiment that gave her the ability to manipulate matter, although a mental block limits this ability to inanimate objects, excluding living beings. She becomes his second girlfriend. Invincible after a future version of Eve confesses her love for him and encourages him to take action. Experiencing exhaustion from his life as a superhero, he decides to spend time in Africa using his powers to help those less fortunate.

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Atom Eve faces serious injuries fighting evil versions of Invincible from alternate realities. Although she is still recovering from these injuries, she participates in the battle against Conquest, being seriously injured. At this critical moment, he manages, for the first and only time, to manipulate living matter to regenerate himself. He experiences a previous pregnancy, but due to Mark’s prolonged absence, he decides to terminate it. Later, she becomes pregnant again, and today, they are both parents of a daughter. This is what this character from “Invincible“in real life according to Artificial intelligence:

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