Hold your breath before you see the selfie of Eva Longoria with her Gym outfit

American actress and producer Eva Longoriahas become a true inspiration in the fitness world by sharing a selfie on her Instagram account while doing a training session at her favorite gym.

On the occasion of her 48th birthday, Eva Longoria shared a photo without makeup, wearing a black sports bra and matching tight leggings from Alo, a sportswear brand that is very popular among sports and fitness fans.

the star of Desperate Housewives she was sure of herself as she posed with her hand on her hip and her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

In the snapshot you can see the enviable physical condition of the actress, who shows off defined and well-worked musculature.

Known for her dedication and commitment to her health and fitness, Longoria exemplifies how regular exercise and a balanced diet can yield noticeable results.

The actress shared on her Instagram Story: “One of my favorite outfits of the week! @Hello”. Alo Yoga is a brand that offers a wide variety of workout clothes, from leggings and sweatpants to tank tops and bodysuits, ideal for any type of physical activity.