Hold your breath before you see what Belén Muñoz looks like today, 25 years after Mekano

Belen Munoz He was one of the many figures in the program Mekano which aired between 1997 and 2007 with great success thanks to the great reception given to it by the public. Many of them are still linked within the artistic world while others chose new paths.

Belen Munoz I participate in ‘Calle 7’ after leaving Mekano and during her television stage she fell in love with Francisco Rodríguez, together they had a relationship and a daughter in common named Rafaela who is 7 years old. The truth is that they are no longer together and she, Belén, formed a new couple with whom she lives in Santiago.

it was the same Belen Munoz the one who gave details of his present in a recent live with Verónica Roberts, and said that he has been with Cristian for 5 years, who in turn is his brother’s best friend. The woman also recalled that after leaving television she was a cabin crew member at a major airline and that this gave her a lot of experience.

Belen Munoz. Source: instagram @belenmunoz

“5 years flying and from there I left, I had other jobs on the ground with the same company. I was in several other things, like bouncing and searching a bit, because it happened to me that I left LAN and I was like ‘what do I do now ?’, because the item is super small”, said Belen Munoz.

Belen Muñoz and her family. Source: instagram @belenmunoz

But then other things happened in the life of Belen Munoz: “I reinvented myself, I wanted to study, unfortunately it was not enough for me like many people in Chile, it did not give me, because it was: work, study, housewife, mom. I couldn’t do it all, I had to stop studying, I started working in Patio Bellavista, in a (sushi) restaurant.”

Belen Munoz. Source: instagram @belenmunoz

Finally, Belen Munoz He said that today he enjoys his present: “I have been happily working, for a little over 2 years, as an assistant manager in a multinational. I am very happy, I have a great time in my job. I am full home office. I was able to get along with that a lot with motherhood, because I had a lot of problems when I was flying or with sushi, that it was at night and I had to leave it, it was crazy. I feel that my life is super good. Motherhood has been chaotically wonderful. “