Hold your breath before you see what Brisa Ardohain, Pampita’s niece, looks like today

Brisa Ardohain, a young woman of just 19 years old, has emerged as a prominent figure in the public sphere. She was born in the town of Doblas, in La Pampa, however, she decided to move to Buenos Aires. The most striking thing about her is not her change of location, but her fundamental role in the life of her aunt, the famous Carolina Pampita Ardohain. Brisa is the main caregiver for Ana Moritán, the youngest daughter of the family.

Breeze. Source: @instagram.com/ardohainbrisaa/

As the daughter of Leonardo Ardohain, Pampita’s older brother, Brisa has always maintained a close relationship with her family. Her relationship with her cousin Blanca Vicuña, Pampita’s first-born daughter and Benjamin Vicuña, is particularly moving. Pampita, she maintains a deep devotion to her family, likewise, in a well-known entertainment program, PH Podemos Hablar, the model and host was excited when her niece Brisa de ella appeared. The young woman pointed out her as a mother, due to the great affinity and connection that exists between the two.

Breeze. Source: @instagram.com/ardohainbrisaa/

Brisa moved to the province of Buenos Aires in search of pursuing her dreams by studying psychology, and this brought immense joy to her aunt Pampita because she can have her closer. Likewise, Brisa is not simply Anita’s babysitter; She is a maternal figure in the little girl’s life.

Brisa and Ana. Source: @instagram.com/ardohainbrisaa/

In addition to her passion for psychology and caring for her cousin, Breeze She is a passionate supporter of Club Independiente, following her father’s tradition. She also enjoys good music and cooking. We have seen her sharing family adventures, such as an exciting trip to Disney in 2018 with Pico Mónaco, who at that time was Pampita’s partner.

Breeze. Source: @instagram.com/ardohainbrisaa/

The bond between the two is unbreakable, Brisa recently used her account instagram, where he has a community of more than twenty thousand followers, to express his affection for Carolina: “I love you very much.” Pampita’s response was immediate: “I love you, I love you very much!” The relationship between the two seems to be unbreakable.