Hold your breath before you see what Isis Méndez, daughter of DJ Méndez, looks like in a 2-piece swimsuit

Isis Mendezone of the daughters of DJ Mendez, she showed off in a two-piece swimsuit. The young woman recently shared a story on her Instagram account that has left all of her followers impressed with her.

Isis Mendezthe daughter of DJ Mendez, has been gaining attention on social media thanks to her beauty and style. Although her sister María Fernanda has been better known, Isis is showing that she also has a lot to offer. With an enviable figure and a carefree attitude, she has left everyone speechless with the recent publication of her in a swimsuit.

Isis Mendez. Source: Instagram @issis_ho

The family Mendez She is known for her participation in the docureality “Los Méndez” in 2012, which allowed viewers to learn more about her family life. Since then, the family has been admired for their togetherness and happiness, and DJ Mendez He has shared tender moments on social networks with his children, showing his most familiar side.

Isis’ Instagram post was not the only one that caused a sensation. DJ Méndez has shared with emotion and pride images of his daughters, including María Fernanda and issis, on his Instagram account. These publications have received nearly 3 thousand likes and numerous praise for the beauty and talent of DJ Méndez’s daughters.

Isis Mendez. Source: Instagram @issis_ho

The picture of DJ Mendez with his daughters reflects the happiness and love present in the family, captivating his followers. María Fernanda, despite being the least known daughter of the Chilean singer, continues to delight everyone with her sweetness more than 10 years after the reality show. In short, Isis Méndez has surprised everyone with her latest publication in her swimsuit, showing that she is a beautiful and self-confident young woman. The Méndez family continues to be a source of inspiration for her followers, transmitting love and happiness in each publication.