Hold your breath before you see what Katy Perry’s little daughter Daisy looks like today

Three years after becoming a mother, Katy Perry He revealed his daughter to the world, Daisy Dove, during a moving concert in Las Vegas. The renowned singer, famous for hits like “I Kissed a Girl,” dedicated the event to her little girl and projected images of Daisy on a giant screen, sharing moving words of love and gratitude toward her daughter.

The picture of daisy, dressed in a bright red suit with white polka dots and pink headphones to protect her ears, captivated the audience. The girl, with rosy cheeks and a radiant smile, became the focus of attention as Perry expressed the profound influence that motherhood has had on her life. The 39-year-old artist described how her daughter returned her love, healed her wounds and reminded her of the importance of playing.

In this special moment, Perry He also praised his partner, Orlando Bloom, as an “exemplary father” and an “incredible support system.” From the front row, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor enjoyed Perry’s vibrant concert with his daughter, further consolidating their solid union as parents.

Despite the adversities caused by the pandemic and the birth of daisy In 2020, the couple has proven to be one of the most admired in show business. Although they have not formalized their commitment through marriage, their love and dedication as parents have made it clear that they are a strong and united team, facing life’s challenges together.

This emotional concert was not only a testament to the love of Katy Perry towards their daughter and her partner, but also a celebration of the strength of the family they have built. The couple, despite not having been able to marry publicly due to the Covid pandemic and the circumstances of the birth of Daisy Dovehas shown that the connection between them goes beyond formalities.

On stage, Perry shared the joy of motherhood, inviting the audience to reflect on the importance of seeing life through the eyes of a child. This act not only solidified the image of Perry as a dedicated mother and passionate artist, but also left an indelible mark in the memory of everyone present, reaffirming that love and family unity are the true protagonists of this story.