Hold your breath before you see what Lila Morillo looked like when she performed in ‘Super Saturday Sensational’

Lila Rosa Bozo Morillo is a Venezuelan singer who has been very successful throughout Latin America. Born in Maracaibo on August 14, 1940, she is known as lila morillo. In her career, Lila Morillo has gone through different areas, first of all she is a singer, but she has also performed as a vedette and actress. She is mainly known for her genre themes of the Zulia bagpipe and folklore. Under these variants of her she finds her greatest musical success “El cocotero”.

Lila Morillo. Source: Pinterest

In 1968, the program premiered “Super Sensational Saturday” a variety program that had presentations by great musical artists, both national and international, there was always a special guest, and entertained the public with a show full of music, dance, interviews, and family comedy.

Today lila morillo She is already 82 years old, and a few days ago on her Instagram account she remembered what she looked like in her first performance in “Super Saturday Sensational”, she can be seen with huge blonde hair, particularly fashionable for the time, and singing out loud. In her post, she reflected on singing on television.

Lila Morillo. Source: Pinterest

lila morillo With his extensive career, he commented on how difficult it is to sing on television. The risks of sound and acoustics. And since today’s singers don’t dare to do it. The post said:

HOW I LIKE TO INTERPRET #Mexican MUSIC!!! ???? and LIVE!!!! Not everyone dares to do it ON TV!!! Because of the sound conditions! The acoustics change With the Public and the space!!! There is not always time to test Sound and not Anyone Takes a Risk!!! I ALWAYS LOVED A CHALLENGE!!! And Venture To Do What Others Don’t Dare! Our television of The Golden Age gave For that and More! ???????????? Flaunting Excellence!!! Of Technicians and Equipment!!! On the Idols Stage… @supersabadosensacional MY HOUSE!!! I APPLAUD Our Talent and Quality!!! ???????????????? ANY!!! How to sing live #live #live #livemusic #venezuela ?? #mariachi