Hold your breath before you see what Liliana looks like without makeup, the eldest daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo is the eldest daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez 79 years old. The relationship between the two of them is not good at all and they have been facing each other for more than two decades and with crossed accusations through social networks and television programs.

The truth is Liliana Rodriguez Morillo he does not need his father’s fame to make his own way and continues to explore his artistic facets. She has been an actress like her sister Lilibeth and a singer like her father and like her mother, the great Venezuelan muse Lila Morillo who at 80 is still on stage.

But now Liliana Rodriguez Morillo She is part of the Univisión program ‘Sientese qué puede’ and there her most loyal followers can see her talent as a panelist and her beauty before the camera. Every week, the daughter of the Puma Rodriguez discusses current issues with his colleagues.

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo. Source: instagram @liliana.r.morillo.fan.page

In the last moment, Liliana Rodriguez Morillo he lost several kilos due to a new lifestyle that he started and that allowed him to have a much healthier and more active life. Proof of them are the beautiful looks that she shows every day on her television program on the Unimás network.

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo. Source: instagram @liliana.r.morillo.fan.page

But this week Liliana Rodriguez Morillo He surprised everyone by appearing without makeup on social networks before his millions of followers from all latitudes. In this way, she left proof that beauty is inherited and that there is nothing wrong with being natural. Congratulations!